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  • Unreal BlogUnreal Blog: An eclectic blog by physicist-turned-quant, author, and philosopher, Dr. Manoj Thulasidas, Unreal Blog publishes choice articles on physics and philosophy, corporate life, making and keeping money, humor and death. This highly rated blog will provide you with hours of quality reading! Many of the posts on this blog (see the sidebar) are in fact columns and articles published in newspapers and magazines.
  • Style TrendsettersStyle Trendsetters: A fashion blog by Kavita Thulasidas, the owner and lead designer of Stylemart, the trendsetters of Indian Fashion in Singapore. Kavita has won numerous awards, and is the go-to person for the local media when it comes to discussing anything to do with fashion and beauty. Style Trendsetters chronicles Kavita's take on the fashion industry, her shopping tips, and views on the trends and colors of the season.
  • The Unreal UniverseThe Unreal Universe: The Unreal Universe is an inquiry into the realness of reality as reflected in the basic assumptions of physics. It examines these assumptions using metaphysical views of reality. More than a philosophical inquiry, the book actually applies these views in explaining certain astrophysical phenomena such as Gamma-ray bursts and symmetric radio sources. Written by Dr. Manoj Thulasidas, a CERN physicist who later turned his attention to philosophy, this book will change the way you look at reality.
  • Principles of Quantitative DevelopmentPrinciples of Quantitative Development: Principles of Quantitative Development is a book written by Dr. Manoj Thulasidas and published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd that deals with the issues around designing a trading platform where you can quickly plug in quantitative pricing models and handle the whole front office - middle office - settlement chain of a trade life cycle.
  • StylemartStylemart: Stylemart is the most recognized name in the Singapore fashion landscape. Well-established for over forty years, they are known as the trend setters of Indian fashion in Singapore. Among the myriad of contenders that come and go, the Stylemart Brand stands alone and distinct, tall and proud, close to the heart of many and true to land it represents. Stylemart online store is hosted here.
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  • Asian WomanAsian Woman: A Slice of Bali In Bangalore! Asian Woman is a balinese garden spa especially designed to make you forget your troubles and soak in the essence of Bali. You can enjoy the natural settings with its whimsical water features and vivid flora as you get rejuvenated and pampered. All this without ever having to leave the city.
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  • Ads EZAds EZ: A brand-new tech blog, Ads EZ is a site for e-commerce and advertising tools and tips. It shows you how to grow beyond simple contextual advertising (such as Google AdSense) which seems to benefit the provider a lot more than it does you. It als helps you grow by guiding you in your budding e-business, demo sites etc. It already has a classified ads site, particularly suited for digital goods, Ads EZ gives you free hosting of your classified ads, with clever mechanisms to eliminate spam and frivolous ads. Thoughtfully laid out categories and state-of-the-art search engine optimization and links from highly rated websites will make your ads count! Soon, Ads EZ,/em> will have a collaborative ad sharing mechanism and tons of articles in the technical and commercial space of advertising and e-commerce.
  • EzSupportEzSupport: EzSupport is a support ticket system for all your support enquiries. All the products and services you purchase or subscribe to on any of our websites come with at least 72 hours of free support. If you need support beyond that, you can easily raise a paid ticket at this site.
  • EzPayPalEzPayPal: Showcasing premium WordPress plugins and other digital goods, this e-shop lets you purchase and download all our digital goods instantly. Available in this shop are our wildly pouplar Easy AdSense Pro and other plugins, eBooks, OSClass plugins and much more. In fact, the shop itself is a demo for one of our products -- EzPayPal.
  • WP PlusWP Plus: WP-Plus is an improved version of WordPress, the well-known blogging platform. The lack of professionally written themes and plugins in the version hurts serious users of this wonderful platform. WP-Plus gives you everything that the version does, plus access to commercially developed themes and plugins.

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