If your web server is on a wimpy VPS (such as the one I had with Arvixe), you may need to monitor your blog to ensure that it is always up. Sure, there are such monitoring services; JetPack, for instance, that can send you an email. Then you will have […]

How to Keep Your Websites Running

WordPress calls home regularly. It can be suppressed by adding to your wp-config.php file. But then, if you are a developer, you may have included the debug detective, as you are advised to:

Suppressing WordPress Errors

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My domains were hosted on my VPS at Arvixe for almost five years. I used to love their support, knowledge etc. But about a week ago, I migrated to InMotion VPS. The main reason for the move is the story of just one ticket at Arvixe.

Why I Moved from Arvixe to InMotion

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Welcome to Ads EZ