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New Purchase and questions/issues

I just purchased Easy AdSense Pro.

No problem installing.
This is on a Network/Multisite install.
Primary site works.
But on the secondary site I can not get to the settings.
I get a page not found.
URL show for the page not found is
Main Site
Secondary is
Also on the main site I can not get any ads to display except for the widgets.
(I tried on a different network and not logged.)



  1. manoj Staff January 5, 2016
    Sorry, I haven't fully tested my plugins on a network/multisite blog. I will set up a testbed to do it and get back to you.
  2. I have it setup / what do you need to test?This is a new blog setup and I am a programmer.
  3. Taking this conversation off line. Replied to you via email.

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