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​​How to safely buy a Google Ads account

Google Ads accounts are actively used by webmasters and affiliate marketers. With their help, you can monetize your audience by properly setting up advertising or start driving traffic and contacting your audience to earn money after connecting affiliate programs. The problem is that Google often bans profiles for the slightest violation of the rules.

It will be much easier and more effective to buy a Google Ads account, which then you can use it for your own purposes.

When and who needs to purchase a Google Ads (Adwords) account

Effective business promotion is impossible without a Google Ads account, which will help you sell goods or services online: promote yourself, advertise, maintain feedback with clients.

Buying a Google Ads account may be necessary for people who plan to run ads in gray niches and attract more users who are ready to order goods or services.

What other purposes for purchasing accounts are popular today:

  1. For the sake of history. Old profiles make it easier and faster to get advertising approval, and new campaigns will be published almost immediately based on the results of automatic evaluation.
  2. To spend less on traffic. Google Ads accounts thatwere registered before 2006 or in a country where VAT is not paid will have lower advertising costs.
  3. To buy traffic in case the old account was blocked. Practice shows that challenging the blocking is almost impossible. Registering a new account will be a solution only for users that are advertised by “white” topics. Gray niches simply will not pass the new moderation.
  4. To apply coupons. There are AdWords coupons for sale on the Internet, the price of which is lower than the face value. But to use such a promotional code, you need a new advertising profile.
  5. To manage several accounts simultaneously – relevant for marketers and agencies who collaborate with several clients simultaneously.
  6. If you need to use different currencies. You cannot create advertising campaigns in one account by selecting different currencies in the settings; for this you will need to purchase a Google Ads account with different currencies.
  7. In case of restrictions in one account that need to be circumvented for further work.

What will you get if you want to buy a Google Ads account

buy google ads account

Additional accounts will help you divide your income and not be afraid of sudden blocking of one account. Their presence will allow you to more effectively try and test different methods and strategies for attracting traffic.

It is recommended to purchase an old account not only in case of blocking. There are other reasons:

  1. Choosing accounts that are registered in countries without paying VAT will save you from unnecessary expenses.
  2. Receive gift certificates from Google under the terms of affiliate loyalty programs.
  3. It is more effective to promote goods or services in different gray topics.

At the same time, you need to remember that placing advertisements for gambling, alcohol or counterfeit items is a direct path to repeated blocking, so accounts must be used wisely. Before running advertising, we recommend that you read the rules Google Ads on the official website.

Benefits of purchasing a Google Ads account

Such a purchase is completely safe and does not involve risks. You can purchase accounts in the required quantity.

Our Google Ads accounts have the following characteristics:

  1. The account contains search campaigns for white topics.
  2. Minimum spend is $100.
  3. Account currency is USD only.
  4. Age from 3 months.
  5. We do not sell Google Ads accounts that have outstanding payments or a verification request.
  6. The country where the account was created is any, with the exception of Russia.

What determines the cost of an account? Whether the outcome of an advertising campaign will be positive depends on the level of trust. The higher it is, the faster the moderation of future advertising will take place and the higher the price of such accounts.

What parameters does the price depend on:

  1. How many advertising campaigns are there.
  2. Date of registration (stay), the older the age, the better.
  3. Whether transactions were made and how many.
  4. Other factors.

Newly registered accounts have potential difficulties in working with gray topics and cause problems when passing verification. Therefore, affiliate marketers are looking for old and verified accounts from which they can send traffic right away.

Advantages of purchasing Google Ads accounts from us:

  1. A ready-made account that can already be used to place advertising campaigns.
  2. Accounts have already been verified, just log in.
  3. You can add any of your own payment methods to top up your account.
  4. The account worked only in a white theme and had no problems with blocking.

What topics cannot be advertised in Google Ads

Topics from the “grey” list may cause account blocking at any time. What niches are strictly prohibited:

  1. Fake goods.
  2. Dangerous goods and services: drugs, weapons, cigarettes, etc.
  3. Shocking content: violence, murder, etc.
  4. Alcohol.
  5. Gambling, casinos, bookmaking companies, sports betting and other entertainment of this kind.
  6. Offers from CPA networks, which include credit companies, financial pyramids, etc.
  7. Medicines, dietary supplements, etc.
  8. Sex and themes 18+.

Such advertising campaigns are guaranteed not to pass moderation and there is a risk of soon being blocked. Therefore, to successfully and efficiently work with purchased accounts, you should remember the rules.

You will also need to regularly purchase Google Ads trust accounts for those who plan to make money by attracting traffic. Here blockages are observed quite often. Other topics can be freely considered to earn money. For example, an arbitrageur used advertising in AdWords to buy traffic for cosmetics – a cleansing face mask from the TerraLeads affiliate program.

The landing page was further adjusted to meet the requirements of the site: disclaimers were added, elements to increase conversion and the old price tag were removed. We ended up with 4 landing pages, of which one was selected as a result of testing.

Targeting was aimed at Spain and Italy, at women in the range of 16-35 years old by request of the brand name or “cleansing mask”. $350 was spent on advertising daily, which allowed us to earn $1,050 in affiliate income.

Account transfer procedure

What you need to buy a Google Ads account:

  1. Write to us on the website about your desire.
  2. We will transfer the id of the agreed number of accounts.
  3. You will request permission for each.
  4. Pay the required amount.
  5. You get owner access, as well as login and password for your Gmail account.

What points need to be considered at the time of selection and purchase:

  1. The older the account, the better, since the system trusts them more than younger ones.
  2. Presence of old advertising campaigns.
  3. Select accounts of the country for which you want to run ads.

Also, before purchasing, be sure to check your account for blocking, identity verification notifications, what ads have been launched, etc.


Google is extremely picky when it comes to advertising placement. Any account that does not even minimally comply with the rules may be blocked or subject to restrictions. In this case, the solution would be several backup accounts.

Google Ads remains a popular method of making money for many webmasters and others. Working with new accounts is not always the answer, and it is also risky. Therefore, many decide to buy a Google Adwords account and immediately use them to earn money. Such actions today are completely safe and do not involve any risk; moreover, you can leave a request on the site in case you want to sell your account.

There are a number of restrictions on the purchase: no payment debts, accounts from the Russian Federation are not suitable, the account currency must only be dollars. A prerequisite is the presence of previously active advertising campaigns in the statistics, the minimum spend for which exceeds $100.

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    How to buy a Google Ads account on your website?
    Fill out the feedback form on the website or contact us in telegram. Specify the number and type of accounts, pay and gain access to the accounts.
    Why do you need a Google Ads account?
    Moderation at Google is slow, so it often takes a long time for new campaigns to be approved. And ads with gray topics will not pass the test at all. In this case, the time spent may mean lost profits. It’s easier and faster to launch ads on old, warmed-up accounts.
    Is it possible to pay for a purchase with cryptocurrency?
    Certainly! Which one you can use can be discussed in person.
    How will purchasing a new account affect my main one?
    No way. This does not affect your other accounts.
    Do you accept accounts for purchases that do not meet all the requirements?
    Such cases are considered individually. Contact us to discuss details.
    Are there any guarantees for purchased accounts?
    There are no exchanges or returns provided.