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​We buy your Google Ads accounts​

Sell Google Ads account that is no longer in use is a good way to make money. We are ready to purchase such profiles provided that they meet a small list of requirements. What are the conditions for purchasing advertising offices and why this service is popular – we will tell you in detail.

Why do we need Google Ads accounts

Google accounts are used in the work of affiliate marketers and webmasters who need to set up advertising or drive traffic by connecting various kinds of affiliate programs. Such a profile undergoes strict moderation and can be blocked even for a minimal violation of the site’s rules.

We work with traffic arbitrage, launching advertisements on topics that are reluctant to be tested. First of all, these are casinos, quick loans, and bookmaker sites. Profiles with such advertising remain unchecked for quite a long time, and restrictions or blocking may be imposed on them at any time.

We are categorically against violating Google’s policies, so we recommend that you read Google Ads Official Rules before running ads to avoid having your account blocked.

Clients often appear who need to launch advertising as quickly as possible and on a large budget. This cannot be done on a new account that has just been created. You need an existing profile on which advertising campaigns have previously been successfully launched. This way, you won’t have to wait long for a new ad to be moderated, because time equals money. To collect traffic more efficiently, we are looking for old backup accounts that we are willing to pay you for.

The likelihood of quickly passing moderation increases significantly if advertising campaigns have already been launched in your account. Therefore, it is easier to buy a ready-made profile and run advertising than to create it from scratch and wait a long time for moderation, which is still not guaranteed to pass.

For this reason, the main value comes not from newly registered, abandoned or blocked accounts, but from those that are most similar to ordinary users – they have a high level of trust.

At what price can you sell Google Ads accounts?

Spending on advertising in your account, $ How much do we pay for an account, $
49 – 99 от 19
99 – 199 от 29
199 – 299 от 39
299 – 399 от 49
399 – 499 от 69
499 – 599 от 79
599 – 799 от 99
799 – 999 от 119
999 – 1999 от 149
1999 – 2999 от 169
2999 – 3999 от 179
3999 – 4999 от 199
4999 – 6999 от 229
6999 – 9999 от 249
9999 – 14999 от 269
100000 + от 649

Which accounts we don’t buy

Due to a number of Google rules, we do not work with some profiles:

  1. Which have debts or are blocked.
  2. If the account currency is not dollars.
  3. There must be a minimum spend in the account of $100.
  4. There are no advertising campaigns.
  5. Account age is less than 1 month.
  6. If advertising was launched on your account, which is prohibited by the Google Ads rules.

What Google Ads accounts do we buy:

  1. Advertising campaigns have been launched on them in the past and there is at least one ad approved by the moderator. Other statistics are not important, even if the advertising was not successful.
  2. The account must be older than 1 month.
  3. The campaigns used are a strictly white sphere; a verification request should not pop up.
  4. The presence of payment profiles is an optional condition.

We even accept accounts that have used promotional codes. We do not work with those where the country of registration is Russia.

How to Sell Google Ads Account

So that you can first assess whether your existing account is suitable for sale, we recommend performing simple preparations:

  1. Provide profile ids to understand if they are blocked. You can copy information by clicking on the menu in the upper right part of your account.
  2. Each account has a unique digital identifier. It must be copied by logging into your account, then sent to us.
  3. Next we will request access via MMC. You need to go to the settings section – this is the wrench icon in your profile. Then click “Access and Security”, then “Management Accounts”. Our request will be reflected here; it must be approved.
  4. We will check your profile and then inform you about the decision. To complete the sales process, you will need to provide owner functions by clicking on the “Yes” button in the appropriate field.
  5. Next, we immediately pay you the amount for the purchase.

How much can you get for selling Google Ads accounts

The price depends on the quality of the account, which in turn consists of several parameters: age and date of creation, number of advertising campaigns and their duration, how much money was spent on ads, and more.

The approximate cost of a profile with an average cost of $250-350 is from $30. If $700-1000 is spent on your account – from $90. The higher the expenses in the account, the higher its value. Everything is calculated individually for each client. To find out more, write to our manager.

Why you should use our services

You don’t have any risks. After transferring rights through your personal account, such a profile no longer applies to you, further actions in it will not harm your client or your reputation.

Initially, the sale takes place without transferring the password and login from the account; all verification takes place directly in the advertising account – as provided by Google itself. After the sale, you can close your access yourself or wait until we do it.

Our advantages:

  1. We offer some of the most favorable purchasing conditions on the market.
  2. Special conditions available after discussion of details.
  3. We provide fast and professional support.
  4. We work with different types of accounts, even after promotional codes.
  5. We have an impressive budget, so if you have many accounts, we will buy everything that meets the minimum requirements.
  6. The payment of money after transferring the profile is instant, the sales process itself is transparent and goes through the Google account with the rights of the owner.

This way you can sell Google Ads account to us on an ongoing basis, receiving a stable income from this. It is only important to comply with the established rules: we do not work with profiles that are registered in the Russian Federation, have payment debts or are blocked. In the account at the top of the page there is information about possible sanctions that were applied by the search engine in a particular case.

We have several payment options – clients from Kazakhstan can use the transfer through TRC20, Halyk or Kaspi.kz. Residents of other countries can choose to transfer to a bank card or pay with TRC20 crypto.

For regular customers with large volumes of $6000 or more, conditions are discussed individually, and we will offer other payment options. The procedure is as simple and straightforward as possible and will take no more than a few minutes.


What should I do if I want to save the owner’s personal data?
We will provide instructions on how to quickly and safely change the client’s domains or the name of his company; the account will remain anonymous. Therefore, personal data will be safe.
Will you take away accounts without payment?
We are interested in transparent and long-term cooperation, so we will not take risks just like that. We offer favorable prices so that you can sell profiles on an ongoing basis.
Can I buy accounts?
Yes, we offer such a service. You can read more on the main page of the site ads-ez.com.

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